Diving in Thailand
Diving in Thailand is one of the most popular entertainment. In the east of the Gulf of Siam, you can dive all year round, but the best visibility there is…

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The well-known popular resorts of Langkawi, Penang and Pangkor, located along the west coast of the Malacca peninsula, throughout our “national” winter delight tourists with excellent sunny weather. But these…

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Diving plus Land - Winter Combi Tours
When dealing with diving, it is important not to go to extremes, especially in the planning process of the upcoming trip. No doubt - underwater beauty is in the first…

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limestone cliffs

What should I look for when choosing a vessel?

Given that no one assigns ships of the official category, every ship owner tries to convince you that it is his boat – 5 * Deluxe, no less. Right on the old Russian saying … At the same time, there are annoying misunderstandings: the generally accepted 4 * may well be much better than many 5 *. If we take into account that the bathroom (toilet, sink, shower) with hot water is a constant attribute of modern ships, how can you figure out who is who? Continue reading


In Indonesia, you can perfectly combine a beach holiday with the study of colorful coral reefs – and divers, and lovers of “maskoplavaniya.” For example, a beach holiday and a rich excursion program of the island of Bali are perfectly combined with a week-long cruise to Komodo Island – with visits to many marine parks, national villages and, of course, Komodo dragons. Romantic motor-sailing yachts allow you to fill your vacation with amazing new emotions and get acquainted with different islands without a single internal flight. Continue reading

Diving in the caves

Speluring in the professional environment is considered one of the most difficult options for scuba diving, requiring very serious experience and training. Complex underwater caves – with cold water, unpredictable currents and other dangers – pose a serious challenge to any “pro.”

However, fortunately amateur divers, caves are different. Including – quite affordable, with water not colder than 20 ° C, visibility up to 100 meters, fabulous formation of stalactites and stalagmites and unique endemic creatures (for example, glowing fish). And in some caves you can observe an amazing phenomenon – halocline. Continue reading