Briefly about the most popular destinations for diving safari
Briefly - only because of each direction ... so what's there - even about each safari, you can write a separate article. Nevertheless, I will try to make a small…

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Diving in the lakes of Austria
Diving tours to Austria. Photos, videos, reviews. Prices for diving, local schools, diving centers and clubs, interesting dive sites in Austria. The brightest property of fitness tourism is to open,…

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Diving in french polynesia
Each "tourist" island of French Polynesia has its own "chips" in terms of diving and will be of interest not only for beginners, but also experienced divers. The local dive…

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currents in these places

“Team building and games”

Underwater space and scuba give a person a rare “third degree of freedom” – the ability to easily move in any direction. This opens up new opportunities for a variety of activities and entertainment.

For example, without any preparation, in any country of the world under water one can wonderfully build human pyramids of 4-5 “floors” or invent acrobatic stunts that any circus would envy. Continue reading

Diving in the caves

Speluring in the professional environment is considered one of the most difficult options for scuba diving, requiring very serious experience and training. Complex underwater caves – with cold water, unpredictable currents and other dangers – pose a serious challenge to any “pro.”

However, fortunately amateur divers, caves are different. Including – quite affordable, with water not colder than 20 ° C, visibility up to 100 meters, fabulous formation of stalactites and stalagmites and unique endemic creatures (for example, glowing fish). And in some caves you can observe an amazing phenomenon – halocline. Continue reading

Diving in the Galapagos Islands

Despite the unique conditions for diving, created by nature itself, the tourist infrastructure of the islands is poorly developed. There are no large coastal bases for diving, as well as specialized shops on the islands. So you should have all the necessary equipment, either to bring with you, or to warn the host company in advance about what exactly might be needed. Based on diving tours, tourists will have to be on ships.

The most favorable season for diving in the Galapagos is from December to May, and the cleanest water is in October-November. Visibility is on average 9-21 m, depths for immersion – 5-24 m. Continue reading

Diving plus Land - Winter Combi Tours
When dealing with diving, it is important not to go to extremes, especially in the planning process of the upcoming trip. No doubt - underwater beauty is in the first…


The best dive sites in winter
In the last issue, we introduced you to the "summer range" of the most interesting diving destinations. Now it's winter season, which means it's time to stock up with practical…