The best dive sites in winter
In the last issue, we introduced you to the "summer range" of the most interesting diving destinations. Now it's winter season, which means it's time to stock up with practical…

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Diving in the lakes of Austria
Diving tours to Austria. Photos, videos, reviews. Prices for diving, local schools, diving centers and clubs, interesting dive sites in Austria. The brightest property of fitness tourism is to open,…

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Magic dive directions
Many dive tours are expensive on their own - this is due to the remoteness of places, limited hotel base, the popularity of resorts and the lack of alternatives. These…

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both beginners and professionals

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Diving plus Land – Winter Combi Tours

When dealing with diving, it is important not to go to extremes, especially in the planning process of the upcoming trip. No doubt – underwater beauty is in the first place, but do not forget that even the most advanced diver with many years of experience is still a terrestrial and air-breathing creature, and you should never completely “hammer” on the land part of the program. Very often, the best compromise option are combined tours, which make it possible not only to dive well at an excellent diving resort, but also to get to know the country more fully, enjoy a beach holiday or a rich excursion program. Continue reading

Dive tourism – brief educational program

Why book a diving at the agency – if, it would seem, you can just come to the diving center nearest to the hotel and dive there? The answer is very simple.

Firstly, with such an unpretentious selection of a diving center “on the spot”, there is a high risk of being in a club with low quality standards, low qualification of instructors, carelessly selected groups, poor organization, old, irregularly maintained equipment and so on. But this is not just a negative impact on the quality and enjoyment of diving, but also jeopardizes their safety! Continue reading

Diving geography

Check the tightness of wetsuits and stocks nitromixes in cylinders! We continue our deep sea dive with charming Veronica Birman.

You can dive almost everywhere: from the Norwegian fjords to the Australian Great Barrier Reef. The question is what exactly is waiting for a person from diving. “Rekov”? Extreme? Unearthly landscapes, caves and grottoes? Or just a stack of nimble fish of all colors of the rainbow in the coastal reefs? Continue reading

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Diving in the Galapagos Islands
Despite the unique conditions for diving, created by nature itself, the tourist infrastructure of the islands is poorly developed. There are no large coastal bases for diving, as well as…


The well-known popular resorts of Langkawi, Penang and Pangkor, located along the west coast of the Malacca peninsula, throughout our “national” winter delight tourists with excellent sunny weather. But these…