Diving geography
Check the tightness of wetsuits and stocks nitromixes in cylinders! We continue our deep sea dive with charming Veronica Birman. You can dive almost everywhere: from the Norwegian fjords to…

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Briefly about the most popular destinations for diving safari
Briefly - only because of each direction ... so what's there - even about each safari, you can write a separate article. Nevertheless, I will try to make a small…

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Micronesia - a must-see place for any self-respecting diver
Micronesia is a must-see place for any self-respecting diver. This is exactly the case when it is not impossible to do without a combined tour, but, in general, it is…

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Diving geography

Check the tightness of wetsuits and stocks nitromixes in cylinders! We continue our deep sea dive with charming Veronica Birman.

You can dive almost everywhere: from the Norwegian fjords to the Australian Great Barrier Reef. The question is what exactly is waiting for a person from diving. “Rekov”? Extreme? Unearthly landscapes, caves and grottoes? Or just a stack of nimble fish of all colors of the rainbow in the coastal reefs?

Each “diving” direction has its own underwater “chip”, its own unique biosphere, and you can talk about each for a very long time. Some actual examples: the availability of interesting dive sites makes the coasts of Egypt and Malta ideal for beginners. At the same time, the bright life of the Red Sea and the amazing landscapes of underwater Malta will be interesting to the sophisticated submariner, albeit on a completely different level. In the Maldives, you can watch the giant manta rays, “soaring” in the water column, among other fish. In the Cuban archipelago “Queen’s Gardens” – swim in an embrace with whale sharks (creatures of the kindest soul, who have no teeth in the usual sense of the word and cannot close their mouths). To touch the famous turtles in the coastal waters of the Galapagos Islands, to trace the history of sea battles on the Black Sea … Micronesia is considered to be the generally accepted “underwater paradise”. Diving sites of even one coast can give completely different impressions, and a three-day dive from one of the islands of Malaysia may well seem to someone more interesting than a week-long “dive safari” in Thailand.

It is very important to take into account the seasonality of diving: in different countries in different periods of the year the water “blooms”, which inevitably affects the visibility (and this is a very important point). In addition, fish divers, wind and, respectively, currents (not to mention the weather in general) are important for divers, so you should always specify the timeframe of the most prosperous seasons with partners and warn customers about possible diving complications at other times.

Category One: “It is impossible not to dive!”
There are directions where divers from all over the world go. This is almost all the countries of Southeast Asia: Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Micronesia, Papua New Guinea, French Polynesia and others. Caribbean and Latin America: Cuba, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Mexico. Europe: Malta, Croatia, Norway. And also South Africa, Australia, the Maldives, India (Laccadives and Andaman Islands), Ecuador (Galapagos Islands), and finally Egypt. People go to these places for both daily diving and diving safari. From the point of view of any diver, to visit such a country and not dive is just blasphemy!

Category Two: “It is worth diving there!”
Destinations that can not be called “diving”, but where the owner of the mask and wetsuit will find something to look under water, since he drove there. These include all the islands of the Caribbean, Austrian lakes, Spain, Greece, Tunisia, India (Goa), Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Jordan, Seychelles, Mauritius and others. Diving in these countries is very distinctive and interesting for its features, therefore, a rare diver refuses to “check in” in the local underwater world.

We must not forget that the season for diving may differ from the tourist season. For example, in Goa, the diving season ends in March, in Thailand – in May. Therefore, from the same trip the “beach” tourist can return happy, and the diver – upset.

If you are going to visit Egypt, Thailand, the Dominican Republic or other countries where there are Russian-speaking diving centers, you can complete a full course on the spot.
Some lyrics: what awaits the diver?
In Malaysia, the diver awaits the world famous island of Sipadan. About forty years ago, Jacques-Yves Cousteau himself said that he saw almost the entire planet under water and had never met such a virgin and place full of beauty. Since then, to check these words on personal experience, divers from all over the world come here. Underwater Sipadan is a coral wall extending into the abyss to a depth of more than 600 meters, a mysterious underwater cave with turtles skeletons, silver barracuda whirlwinds and bright flocks of tropical fish.

Confusion often arises around Sipadan: the fact is that the island is closed from January 1, 2005, as a nature reserve. Tourists can be accommodated on two neighboring islands: Mabule and Kapalai, which are 15 minutes away by boat. Divers are misleading the names of hotels, all as one including the name of their famous neighbor. The thing is that, for example, the island of Mabul, featuring excellent opportunities for snorkeling and interesting diving, however, has not gained such fame as Sipadan. Here are local hoteliers and are trying with all their might to attract the attention of tourists eager to visit this diving Mecca.

You can dive in Sipadan all year round. If you are a diver with experience, do not forget to try Cave Diver (“diver in the caves”).

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