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Underwater museums
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Magic dive directions

Many dive tours are expensive on their own – this is due to the remoteness of places, limited hotel base, the popularity of resorts and the lack of alternatives. These are the features of Costa Rica, Palau, Sipadan Islands in Malaysia and some other destinations. Judge for yourself: if there are only three attractive hotels near Sipadan, only three ships go to the island of Cocos, and there are plenty of people willing to get there all over the world – is it worth keeping prices at the level of mass tourism? Of course not! And, believe, hotels do not remain empty. So it turns out that the better the dive tour, the more tidbit it is for the travel agent …

One of the axioms, voiced and substantiated in previous articles, is: “there is no better diving”. Each, as always – his own. Someone closer large flocks of ocean fish, plying between the azure Maldives atolls, someone – all one fifth of all terrestrial corals in Indonesia and the Philippines. Nevertheless, there are a number of magical “dive” places that will not leave indifferent any person who is interested in the ocean. Resorts with a unique underwater world, a special “highlight”. A rare diver will calm down until he marks all these points on the world map with his own flags. And in this article we will get acquainted with such places.

Today we will not talk about “diving safaris”, since living on a ship already imposes certain restrictions, and we are now interested in islands and hotels, intended for the rest of divers of any qualification in any composition.
This is not just Bali. Moreover, it would not be entirely correct to recommend this island to divers. Favorite place for diving tourism – the city of Manado in the north of the island of Sulawesi.

There, where the protected coral garden of the Bunaken Marine Park blooms, scuba divers and snorkeling fans are waiting for more than 3,000 species of fish and more than 300 species of coral. Accommodation can be recommended at one of the two most popular among divers complexes: this is the Italian Minahasa Lagoon and the “pioneer” of the local diving NDC Manado Resort & SPA. The first one is distinguished by Italian refinement, the second one has received government awards for its contribution to the development of domestic tourism and the preservation of the environment. Both hotels are located in a beautiful tropical area, without disturbing the general harmony, designed in a unique style and demonstrate tremendous care for the comfort and coziness of guests. For those who do not want to “burden” their holidays with scuba gear, there are possible trips to interesting and varied ecological excursions or entire weekly adventure or romantic programs! The special charm of these places is also due to their remoteness from megalopolises and proximity to nature. Getting to Manado is more convenient by flight from Bali or from Jakarta.

You can offer another part of Indonesia – near the island of Kalimantan, Nabucco Island, which is gaining popularity, has come to the border with Malaysia, promising to compete in the near future with Sipadan itself! By the way, not far from Nabucco there is an island chosen by the charming manta rays, which are not so common in these waters.