Diving in Kenya
Perhaps the main advantage of diving in Kenya is the opportunity to combine diving with a magnificent land safari, deep-sea fishing and a luxurious beach holiday. It is best to…

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In Indonesia, you can perfectly combine a beach holiday with the study of colorful coral reefs - and divers, and lovers of "maskoplavaniya." For example, a beach holiday and a…

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Diving plus Land - Winter Combi Tours
When dealing with diving, it is important not to go to extremes, especially in the planning process of the upcoming trip. No doubt - underwater beauty is in the first…

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“Team building and games”

Underwater space and scuba give a person a rare “third degree of freedom” – the ability to easily move in any direction. This opens up new opportunities for a variety of activities and entertainment.

For example, without any preparation, in any country of the world under water one can wonderfully build human pyramids of 4-5 “floors” or invent acrobatic stunts that any circus would envy. You can arrange “war” with three-dimensional opportunities for maneuver, carry out relay races, dance competitions – solo and pair, lead round dances, dance sirtaki, play “guess the melody”, volleyball and throw stones at a distance – under water even the most notorious strong people are unlikely to throw a little pebble more than a meter and a half.

Diving is actively used for the purposes of team building. First, the joint development of new skills in itself strengthens the team. Secondly, in diving a system of dives with a partner has been adopted, which means that it is necessary to learn to care for each other, to calmly interact and negotiate, to understand each other even without words. There are also special exercises to strengthen the team spirit: for example, assembling underwater structures made of floating materials that do not at all tend to form a given figure. Instructors are always happy to come up with new entertainment – there would be a goal and a team, and there will always be a lesson!

Another increasingly popular and affordable entertainment – underwater scooters. These are small “torpedoes” with a screw drive, battery operated and designed for one person. With them, you can not only quickly travel “in a straight line”, but also master the whole range of aerobatic maneuvers – the scooter gives speed, water and scuba gear – three-dimensional freedom of fantasy: lovers can easily show the barrels and “dead loops”. Who knows – maybe this sport will someday be included in the program of the Olympic competitions?

Those who are not afraid of ice diving, especially attractive on the northern seas and on Lake Baikal, can pamper themselves with rare fun – playing hockey … on the other side of the ice! As a washer, any floating object will do.

Eco diving
Artificial reefs have evolved markedly since the first attempts to impose a used tire on the ocean in the hope that the fish would like it. Modern artificial reefs appearing in various parts of the planet are complex structures made of properly selected material with an uneven surface (so that it can be easier for algae and other organisms to cling to it), with developed passages and holes for fish and places for implanting corals. To help reefs quickly become a full part of the ocean, they need to help acquire corals and other first inhabitants.

Specialists take the sprigs of coral, and divers need only take prepared “seedlings” and strengthen them in special reef cavities. This is somewhat similar to the process of decorating a Christmas tree – only with environmental benefits. “Plant coral” can be, for example, in the resorts of Malaysia (Tioman Island and Mataking), in Thailand and many other exotic countries. In Russia, the Artificial Reefs Foundation regularly hosts festivals designed to draw public attention and attention to the issue of maintaining the ecology of the seas.

Underwater museums
The first park of underwater sculpture created by Jason Taylor in Grenada, in the Gulf of Molinieres. 10 minutes from the coast, on an area of ​​800 square meters are…


Diving in the caves
Speluring in the professional environment is considered one of the most difficult options for scuba diving, requiring very serious experience and training. Complex underwater caves - with cold water, unpredictable…