The best diving directions of the summer season
In his previous articles, which have already gathered - wow! - as many as five, I told you about what diving tourism is and who such divers are. Ahead -…

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How to choose a dive school
Diving without training is not only dangerous, but also not very interesting, because, as we have already written earlier, they will only take such a daredevil on an “introdive”. It…

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Diving in Bicol
This time we’ll get a little closer acquainted with the possibilities of combined diving tours in the Philippines. It turns out, going after a whole kaleidoscope of impressions, tourists sometimes…

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Underwater museums

The first park of underwater sculpture created by Jason Taylor in Grenada, in the Gulf of Molinieres. 10 minutes from the coast, on an area of ​​800 square meters are 65 sculptures. Due to the shallow depth – from 5 to 10 m – the exposure, fascinating game of light and shadow, is available not only to divers, but also to lovers of snorkeling, and each sculpture can be seen not only “right” or “left”, but also “ from above “,” side “and from all other points of view. The most famous compositions are “Alternation” of 26 life-size human figures standing with their hands back to each other and Lost Correspondent sitting at a writing table with a typewriter with shoals of fish constantly hovering over his head. There is also a “cyclist” and even the conceptual sculpture “Devil”. Over time, the ocean begins to settle in the works – the bicycle wheels are covered with a developing plume of algae, faces turned from stone change their outlines, and even the still lifes there are not “frozen lives” at all.

The underwater world is actively replenished by man-made creatures: a three-meter statue of a mermaid and a two-meter statue of an alligator “inhabit” Grand Cayman, a sculpture of dolphins and stingrays adorns the Cayman Brac. Under the water, you can even make whole pilgrimages: the holy crucifix and the Virgin Mary can be seen on the reefs of Mexico, the same underwater statues of Jesus are located in Italy and the USA, the statues of Jesus and the Virgin Mary are installed in Malta.

In Ukraine, in the Crimea, on Cape Tarkhankut, beloved by divers for the purity of the water, the unique eco-system and the striking beauty of arches and grottoes, in 1992, the underwater gallery of busts was created – “Leaders Alley”. At 100 meters from the coast of Greater Atlesh, at 12 meters depth, the busts of prominent political figures of the USSR are inscribed in incredible underwater landscapes, and the collection of cultural and art workers is replenished not far from the arch. There are already several dozen exhibits in the collection, and every summer there are more of them. And in the waters of the famous Massandra beach, in the framework of the festival “Artificial Reefs – 2007”, they installed a magnificent underwater dragon.

By the way, underwater sculptures not only decorate the seabed and symbolize significant events, but also take care of the ecology: they are made of special water-friendly materials and become full-fledged artificial reefs. Simon Morris, the author of a mermaid set on Grand Cayman, plans to put six “Reef Guardians” in the best diving spots on the planet.