Micronesia - a must-see place for any self-respecting diver
Micronesia is a must-see place for any self-respecting diver. This is exactly the case when it is not impossible to do without a combined tour, but, in general, it is…

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What should I look for when choosing a vessel?
Given that no one assigns ships of the official category, every ship owner tries to convince you that it is his boat - 5 * Deluxe, no less. Right on…

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Deep sea
Modern world records for scuba diving were set almost in a row and were 318 and 330 m. Pascal Bernabe record was worth 529 minutes of decompression after only ten…

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Diving in Australia: where to dive

Australia is recognized as one of the best diving sites in the world, so the “diving industry” is here on a grand scale. Divers can go on a day cruise with a dive, or in a multi-day “dive safari” with accommodation and meals on the ship and a huge selection of day and night dives. Another option: rest with diving on coral islands. In addition, in the country you can get training for a certificate.

If the coast of Cairns from October to May is full of poisonous jellyfish, then around the islands of the Great Barrier Reef is safe all year round. It is these scenic spots that attract divers from all over the world: turtles, stingrays, groupers, nautilus, moray eels, hermit crabs, rare species of sharks and octopuses are found here. Underwater visibility – 10-30 m.

Where to dive
The underwater world of the “island-continent” is considered one of the most colorful in the world: this is confirmed by any colorblind diver who dives off its shores. The first on the list is the famous Great Barrier Reef, but in addition to it in Australia there is where to dive into the depths of an aqualung. For example, in Byron Bay on the north coast or around Sydney. The level of extreme – the most diverse: from the relaxed movement of flippers in flocks of colorful fish to dive in a cage in the company of white sharks.

The most popular dive sites are the Great Barrier Reef (Lizard Islands, Heron, Whitsunday), Australia’s west coast (Ningalu Reef) and the south coast (Dangerous Reef).

Dive safari
The surest way to see all the best in underwater Australia is to go diving safari. And the best time for “diving safari” in Australia is from July to November. In addition, from June to September, it is worth diving in Osprey – in the north, in the Coral Sea. Particularly experienced divers can go to the west coast in March and April – there, at the Ningalo Reef, whale sharks frolic in this time.

Diving safaris on the Great Barrier Reef start from Cairns, and can be combined with trips to any of the natural and cultural attractions of Australia.

In the vicinity of Cairns itself, you can visit the Kuranda Aboriginal Settlement, the Koala & Wildlife Park Animal Park (traveling on a restored 19th century train), balloon or take a jeep ride through the mangroves and scenic waterfalls to Cape Tribulation, where rainforest meets coral reef. Visiting other cities and parks, such as Sydney, Melbourne, Ayers Rock and Kakadu, will require domestic flights – they are usually a little longer than an hour.

Dive cost
The absolute majority of local dive centers issue PADI or SSI certificates. The cost of diving with an instructor in the open sea – 130-260 AUD, integrated coastal courses cost 500-650 AUD. Prices on the page are as of October 2018.

This wonderful country is actually much closer than it seems. And you can dive here almost anywhere, anywhere. From the point of view of the underwater world, the most interesting…


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