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Diving at Mindoro

The characteristics of diving on Mindoro are the most impressive: the water temperature is +22 .. + 29 ° С, visibility is 15-30 m and more than 50 decent points for diving. Most of the dive sites of Puerto Galera are accessible only from a boat (no more than an hour on the way), but two or three interesting places can be found directly on the shore.
Puerto Galera
About forty different dive sites are concentrated on a small segment of the coast. There are opportunities for diving for both beginners and experienced athletes and lovers of techno-diving. The rich underwater world of the coastal strip does not leave anyone indifferent, and the presence of strong undercurrents allows you to get new bright impressions. The news of a Chinese vessel sunken off the coast with a cargo of porcelain is of particular interest to these places. The nearest dive site to this object is called “Manila Pass”.

“Sharks of the cave” (due to strong undercurrents is considered dangerous for beginners). Its average depth is 18 meters, drift diving, night diving and underwater photography are very popular.

The Canyons, the most visited spot in the Puerto Galera area, are covered in all sorts of soft and hard corals and galls. Here you can always see moray eels, lionfish, tuna, white-tailed sharks.

At Cape Sabang there are beautiful walls with moray eels and glowing blue flip-flops, lots of corals and sponges.

The Pink Wall is an excellent and affordable place even for beginners for underwater photography and night diving.

The Batangas canal is a variety of unusual coral formations and sponges; here you can meet such rare species of fish as bluebone eel and fish-stone. Not far among heavy corals there is a large submerged ship.

To get to some dive sites can only be on a boat, but a lot and accessible from the shore. Almost all the hotels in this region offer the rental of necessary equipment, and the entire tourism industry here is built on diving service maintenance. In essence, Puerto Galera is the Philippine capital of diving.

Reef apo
The Apo Reef, located west of Mindoro, is a submarine lagoon. The best time to visit him is from December to May. Best dive sites: vertical walls off the northern coast of the lagoon (covered with gorgonians and fan corals, there are manta rays and hammerheads, ibid, in the northern part of the lagoon, the remains of the old steamer are buried), Shark Ridge and black-necked sharks and mantami). The easiest way to get there is from the town of San Jose, in West Mindoro.

Binangansky stall in the southwestern part of the lagoon (gorgonians, soft and hard corals, large flocks of tuna, grouper, lobsters and clams) and Hunter Rock. The latter is a sunken island, 21 km from the Apo Reef, is not easy to find, so you need a good guide. This place is known for hundreds of sea snakes living here, whose marriage period starts from June to July, and their number rises to several thousand – the surface of the water at this time is a moving carpet of snakes.

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