"Team building and games"
Underwater space and scuba give a person a rare “third degree of freedom” - the ability to easily move in any direction. This opens up new opportunities for a variety…

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Simple solutions
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Briefly about the most popular destinations for diving safari
Briefly - only because of each direction ... so what's there - even about each safari, you can write a separate article. Nevertheless, I will try to make a small…

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Diving in Seychelles

The large islands of the archipelago and the seabed surrounding them are mostly composed of granite rocks, while the smaller ones are usually coral. From here – the unique underwater landscapes of the Seychelles archipelago. Visibility under water usually exceeds 30 meters, and the water temperature is kept at +26 … + 38 ° C. There are more than 900 species of fish, 100 genera of shells and 50 varieties of corals. It is not surprising that SUBIOS, the annual festival of films made underwater in the Indian Ocean, is held in Seychelles.

Minimal currents, abundance of fish, multi-colored corals and the probability of above average to see large ocean dwellers such as manta rays, turtles and white sharks — all this makes the Seychelles a first-class diving area. The best time to dive on most islands is from April to May and from September to October.

The underwater world of the Seychelles has more than 900 species of fish, 100 genera of shells and 50 varieties of coral.
Aldabra Island is the best place to dive and dream of all divers without exception. However, it is on the UNESCO World Heritage List and a special permit is required to visit it.

Other popular diving areas are Malgache Bank, Recife Island and Dragon’s Teeth. Many people like hiking all day from Mahe to Silhouette Island. During this day, you can have time to do a couple of dives and have a wonderful barbecue on the island.

Near the island of La Digue is “Marianna” – the most famous “shark place.” On Praslin for the day, you can dive into the unshaken, rarely visited places of Biter Rock, Blanchiseusse and Trompeuse Rocks.
Large dive centers
On the island of Praslin:

Octopus Diving Center at Hotel Berjaya Praslin (website)
Bleu Marine Dive Center in the south of the island, near the port
Whitetip Divers at the Paradise Sun Hotel (website
On other islands:

La Digue: Azzura Pro Dive at La Digue Island Lodge (website)
Frigate: Fregate Island at Hotel (website)
Surf: Cerf Island at the hotel of the same name (website)
North: North Island in the hotel of the same name (website)
Denise: Denis Island at Hotel (website)

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