Diving at Mindoro
The characteristics of diving on Mindoro are the most impressive: the water temperature is +22 .. + 29 ° С, visibility is 15-30 m and more than 50 decent points…

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In Indonesia, you can perfectly combine a beach holiday with the study of colorful coral reefs - and divers, and lovers of "maskoplavaniya." For example, a beach holiday and a…

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Diving - the best combined programs
The basic set of flights, hotel accommodation, insurance, transfers and dive package - the lot of weekly tours to Egypt. Driving away implies a great duration and a wealth of…

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Diving in the Maldives

The difference between the underwater world of the Red Sea and the fauna in the Maldives: in the Red Sea more colorful corals (in the Maldives corals suffered from a natural disaster, El Nino hurricane), but at the same time to meet there some large marine life like a shark is a rarity. A significant “plus” of the Maldives is the water temperature + 27 ° at a depth of 40 meters, excellent visibility up to 30 meters and highly professional dive centers. “Minus” – sometimes a very strong current outside the reefs.

The Maldives authorities have developed a whole set of laws and rules of behavior of divers aimed at preserving the flora and fauna – they should be familiarized with in advance at any dive center. There are also a number of restrictions on scuba diving, which can also be found in the dive center.

Those who intend to seriously dive in the Maldives, it is strongly recommended to issue a special insurance for divers (in addition to the usual).

The best season for scuba diving is the period from January to April, when it is sunny and clear water. In May and June, the weather is unstable, it may stormy until September, and the sky will be overcast. In October and November, the sea is calm, but visibility can be reduced due to the abundance of plankton in the water. December is usually windy and rainy.
Dive sites
Diving on the reefs. For beginners, the inner slope of the reef and the water space inside the atoll are suitable. Advanced divers will be interested in the outer slopes of reefs (caves with protrusions and terraces, ocean fish), but do not forget about the surf waves and strong currents. In the reefs surrounding any “island resort”, only guests of this resort can swim: such reefs are called “home”.

Channels (straits) between islands, atolls and reefs. In all channels quite a strong current. A large number of large lovers of plankton, the manth, whale sharks, gather here.

Coral hills (hills) are coral hills and reefs, which have not yet reached the island, whose tops are under water at a depth of 5 to 25 meters, and the base is up to 40 meters. The tops of the hills are interesting fish and corals, and the base – caves and crevices.

Sunken ships (“wrecks”). Of interest are mainly wrecks inside the atolls – shipwreck lately. There are several “wrecks” that were deliberately flooded to attract divers.
Dive safari
A cruise for a few days around the atolls on a safari boat with the necessary equipment for diving. Groups of divers for such voyages are usually selected at the same level. Stops are made at various dive sites, fishing villages, etc. The cost of the cruise includes only the use of cylinders and cargo, the rest of the additional equipment – for a fee. Fins, tube, mask and costume is better to take with you.

Safari bots vary in size and equipment. There are small vessels that gather like-minded friends who have chosen an individual dive program for themselves.

You can learn more about diving in the Maldives from the article by Veronica Birman’s charming article “Diving without lyrics 13. Soul of the Maldives”.

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