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Diving in the lakes of Austria

Diving tours to Austria. Photos, videos, reviews. Prices for diving, local schools, diving centers and clubs, interesting dive sites in Austria.
The brightest property of fitness tourism is to open, it would seem, long-familiar directions from a new unexpected side. In Austria, it works one hundred percent. Here you can not only explore the mountain slopes, be impressed by the architecture and visit museums with the treasures of Western European art. Avtsriya is also a suitable place where you can swim with scuba, get an adrenaline rush and get in shape after local strudel and marzipan sweets.

One of the regions where you can go for freshwater diving is Salkammergut, located only 30 km from Salzburg, which is popular among travelers. The largest local lakes are Wolfgang See, Mond See, Traunsee, Atter See and Hallstätter See. Their depth reaches 200 m, while the water there warms up in the summer to +25 .. + 27 ° С. On the shores of the lakes are scattered small, like from a fairy tale towns with ancient history and monuments of architecture.

Diving season starts here in March, smoothly moving in November during the period of ice diving. In different places there are periods of restriction of dives due to spawning: they are always indicated in the descriptions of dive programs. The program itself, as a rule, contains 1-2 dives per day, and its complexity is determined on the spot by the choice of dive points on the lakes – after registration of documents confirming the level of skill of the diver.

For absolute beginners in the study of the underwater world, dive sites are selected specifically for the purpose of training and practice. Fortunately, freshwater lakes are suitable for this very well.

There are several options for the duration and configuration of programs. A full tour package may include all the necessary components: international flight, accommodation, transfers, meals, work of an English- and Russian-speaking instructor, equipment rental, visa support. Or it is possible to organize only the sports and active part with dives for 2-3 days as part of a sightseeing, recreational or business trip.

Lake Atter See
Using the example of one of the Austrian lakes, Atter-See, we describe in more detail about the local diving sites. Surflatz is ideal for diving training due to its shallow depth and level ground. The bottom there is completely overgrown with charous algae, which prevent the turbidity of the water. During night dives in this place you can meet a lot of eels, perches and pikes.

No worse for training and spot Aleksenau, where there are many large trees under water. Between them now and then come across large rocks. Rare plants are found to a depth of eight meters.

The Twin Towers are good for both learning and practice. These are two large vertically standing trees, growing from an 18-meter depth to five meters under water. The trees are overgrown with bryozoans, sometimes there are pikes nearby. In the smaller surrounding waters, there are a lot of stones, plants and branches forming a peculiar landscape.

The “Black Bridge” of Schwarze-Brücke is marked with crosses on the map, saying that many divers did not swim to the surface. Therefore, only experienced, self-confident athletes who can adequately assess the risk when diving along a stone wall can dive there. Already at a depth of 10 m there are impressive massive rocks, but you need to swim a few minutes to the wall itself. The wall beautifully goes down more than a hundred meters in several steps.

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