Diving in the Maldives
The difference between the underwater world of the Red Sea and the fauna in the Maldives: in the Red Sea more colorful corals (in the Maldives corals suffered from a…

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Diving at Sale
On the island of Sal, the rocky terrain looks the same as it did millions of years ago: massive rocks, grottoes, canyons, caves and reefs, which perfectly complement the beauty…

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Diving at Mindoro
The characteristics of diving on Mindoro are the most impressive: the water temperature is +22 .. + 29 ° С, visibility is 15-30 m and more than 50 decent points…

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Diving in mauritius

Today, there are about thirty dive centers registered in Mauritius Scuba Diving Association (MSDA) in Mauritius. Most of them are located in the center of large resorts, as well as in the “five” and in many four-star hotels. Dive centers are usually open until 3:00 pm, dives are held at 9:00 am and at 1:00 pm

You can dive on the island almost all year round, except for the cyclone period in January-February and in July-August. Features of the dive: the average water temperature in summer is + 28 ° C, in winter +23 … 25 ° C; currents, as a rule, not strong; Night diving is possible.

What can be found: thickets of gorgonians, fragments of sunken ships, angelfish, swallow fish, squirrel fish, sandy perches, lobsters, triggerfish, giant turtles, as well as tiger, gray reef and white feathers.
The best conditions for diving in Mauritius are in the north, in the lagoons of the Quen de Mir, Ильle-Ronde, Me-o-Serpents, Gabriel, Ile-Plat and Ile-d’Ambre islands. You can scuba dive there all year round, but the best but the best months for diving are from September to March: visibility at this time reaches 15-20 meters, and large fish swim to feed closer to the coast. However, from December to March, tropical storms and cyclones sometimes occur.
There are many dive centers in the prestigious resort of Pointe de Flac, which was once a quiet fishing village. In addition, there are centers in almost all the “five” and in many four-star hotels. Dive centers are usually open until 3:00 pm, dives are held at 9:00 am and at 1:00 pm

In the area of ​​Flic-en-Flac there are more than four dozen interesting places for diving: the whole field of underwater caves, the Cathedral, the Serpentine Shaft, the St Jacques Strait, four wrecks at depths from 20 to 40 m and others.

On the island of Rodrigues (560 km from Mauritius), in the straits between the coral reefs and in the open sea beyond it, there are many interesting places, well explored by local dive centers.

In Mauritius, the flora and fauna of the Indian Ocean are so attentive that they even prohibit boats from anchoring – so as not to destroy the fragile corals with an iron shaft (one should think of the trauma of the fish psyche). Instead, weighted transparent buoys are used.

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