This wonderful country is actually much closer than it seems. And you can dive here almost anywhere, anywhere. From the point of view of the underwater world, the most interesting…

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Diving in french polynesia
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Dive tourism - brief educational program
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Diving in Thailand

Diving in Thailand is one of the most popular entertainment. In the east of the Gulf of Siam, you can dive all year round, but the best visibility there is from November to March, in the west – from February to May, the diving season in the Andaman Sea – the period from November to May. In the sea waters in the vicinity of Phuket there is a chance to see the most outlandish inhabitants. From January to March, whale sharks and manta rays are found on Ko Racha. Shark Point Reef is a place where leopard sharks are stationed (by the way, surprisingly peaceful), stingrays and moray eels. There are dive centers at any Thai resort: both separately and practically at all hotels of the level of 4-5 “stars”. Most of them are located in Pattaya and Phuket.

Prices in diving centers depend on the region. A pair of dives cost an average of 4,500-5500 TNB.
Andaman Sea
You can dive off the coast from its west coast, but day trips on diving boats to small islands around Phuket: Ko-Racha, Shark Point, Ko-Dok-Mai and Phi Phi are most popular. Swim to them for 1.5-2 hours. Ko Racha is an island where dives are made to a depth of 30 meters, from January to March, manta rays and whale sharks appear here. Leopard sharks are resting at Shark Point Reef, which even the most reckless divers even feed from their hands. Here are stingrays and moray eels.

On the Reef Shark grow corals of incredible colors: pink, purple and purple.

Krabi and Lanta
A great place for diving in Krabi – the islands of the archipelago of Koh Lanta: the best place to dive at the beach is “Klong Kong”. In Ao-Nang Bay there are turtles, clams, and all sorts of fish, but the underwater caves that hold many secrets and mysteries look most impressive.

Similian Islands
Similian Islands. The National Marine Park, in which animals are not used to fear man, and the number of diving boats is surprisingly small. There is an abundance of soft and hard corals, reef fish, as well as larger representatives of the underwater world: blue rays, manta rays and whale sharks. Oceanic “Krupnyak” often visits this area between February and the beginning of May, when the water is especially rich in plankton. Here you can swim among the granite gorges, colorful corals and reef fish stacks – an unforgettable experience.
Training from a test dive to instructor level. Diving trips around the world: schedule club trips, individual diving and educational tours. Exotic destinations: Antarctica, Greenland, North Pole, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Cocos Island, Galapagos, swimming with sharks, whales and dolphins.

The only in Thailand in Phuket licensed Russian PADI-S2649 diving center DIVERSAINT. Training in diving according to the international standard with the issuance of a certificate. Individual Daily Diving Programs. Organization of diving safaris and dive tours in the best exotic destinations.
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Samui has many diving hotels, schools and shops. The best dives are near the island of Tao: turtles, barracudas and reef sharks swim in clean, warm waters. The Richelieu rock not far from the Surin national park is famous for the underwater reef going 45 meters deep. best dive sites in Thailand. The main sight of Ko-Tachai is a huge underwater reef. Ko-Bon Island has earned the reputation of a suitable place for deep-sea diving thanks to the reef, which goes as far as 45 meters deep. The only thing worth remembering is that the currents in these places are strong and changeable.

The most enthusiastic divers should go for two days to Pattaya, in the Gulf of Thailand. There they are not waiting for a simple diving “for the fish”, but a real expedition: an inspection of the sunken tanker “Vertical” and the vessel of the 40s “Hard Deep”.

The most famous dive centers in Pattaya are “Ihtiandr” and Mermaid (I mean “Mermaid”) at Jomtien Beach.