Diving - the best combined programs
The basic set of flights, hotel accommodation, insurance, transfers and dive package - the lot of weekly tours to Egypt. Driving away implies a great duration and a wealth of…

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Diving in the Galapagos Islands
Despite the unique conditions for diving, created by nature itself, the tourist infrastructure of the islands is poorly developed. There are no large coastal bases for diving, as well as…

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Diving at Sale
On the island of Sal, the rocky terrain looks the same as it did millions of years ago: massive rocks, grottoes, canyons, caves and reefs, which perfectly complement the beauty…

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Diving in Kenya

Perhaps the main advantage of diving in Kenya is the opportunity to combine diving with a magnificent land safari, deep-sea fishing and a luxurious beach holiday. It is best to dive from January to March, when underwater visibility exceeds 20 meters. Napoleon guban, giant moray eels, sea turtles, grouper, dolphins, whitefin sharks and a great variety of colorful tropical fish swim here in large numbers to delight divers.

Diving in Kenya is not as developed as, for example, in Egypt, but this does not mean that it is worse. Decent sites off the coast of the country are really a lot. And one of the local “chips” is seasonal migrations of whales from South Africa, swimming almost at the very edge of the outer reefs.
Very popular places in the vicinity of Mombasa, especially the Watamu Marine Park. Coral reefs are located near the coast and are easy to reach. The main dive sites are the Muren reef, where the diving depth reaches 30 m, the Canyon with coral arches and walls that descend to a depth of 30 m, the Drumers reef (suitable for beginners), as well as the sunken 20-meter vessel “Mida”. It lies at a depth of 14 meters, and you can dive to it only at high tide. The dark underwater caves of Voum and the Turtle Reef are also interesting in Watamu, where you can see rare green sea turtles. From June to September, whales migrating from South Africa swim off the coast of Watamu.

Diving in Kenya
In Malindi, a coral reef band runs along the entire coast. The variety of tropical fish, seabirds and plants and the nearby Watamu Marine Reserve have made this place one of the places of worship for sea-fishing enthusiasts, divers and surfers.

South of Mombasa is Mpungouti Marine Park, where there are some of the biggest stingrays on the entire coast of East Africa. Not far from the Bamburi beach at a depth of 35 m lies the sunken freighter “Denmark”. The upper part of the vessel to a depth of 15 m is a great place for beginners, and the lower part of the vessel will be very interesting for diving professionals.

Within the resort of Shimoni in the south of the coast there are several marine parks where you can swim with dolphins. Also not far from Shimoni is Vasini Island with the Newli Reef, which is popular among divers.

Another interesting place to dive is the sea around the town of Lamu. Along the coast there is a unique beauty coral reef – a habitat for many tropical fish, sea urchins and other inhabitants of the underwater world.

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