Briefly about the most popular destinations for diving safari
Briefly - only because of each direction ... so what's there - even about each safari, you can write a separate article. Nevertheless, I will try to make a small…

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Briefly about the most popular destinations for diving safari
Briefly - only because of each direction ... so what's there - even about each safari, you can write a separate article. Nevertheless, I will try to make a small…

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He flew away, did not promise to return
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Phuket Diving Training

If you have not yet discovered the fascinating underwater world, then it’s time to do it during your holiday in Phuket.
The initial PADI Open Water Diver (OWD) course will take you 3-4 days.
Your training will begin with classes in a special pool and theoretical part.
After that, you will be able to start your open water classes, which take place near the island of Racha Yai.
This dive site is well suited for training – small depths (from 3 to 20 meters), good visibility and lack of currents.

After successfully completing and passing the exams, you will receive an international PADI certificate.

Diving in Phuket in ThailandDiving School in Phuket Diversaint

If you are not sure that you need to undergo training, then you can take a test dive under the DSD program for one day, accompanied by an experienced Russian instructor.

Certified divers (FUN) can continue their studies by increasing their level or take specialized courses.

If you had a big break between dives, we recommend that you take the Scuba Review course, which is held in a specially equipped diving training pool.

Not far from Racha Yai there are dive sites that have suitable conditions for check-dive.
Sandy bottom, shallow depth and lack of currents will help in a comfortable atmosphere to remember the basic skills, try out the equipment. This will allow you to feel more confident on further dives.

Techno-diving in PhuketTechno-diving in Phuket

Phuket Diving Safari
In many ways, diving in Phuket is popular due to the National Marine Park Similan Islands. Similans are among the best diving sites on the planet. Excellent underwater visibility attracts divers from around the world who want to see for themselves the rich underwater life and admire the colorful corals.

We also offer dive safaris to Phi Phi Islands, southern Hin Daeng dive sites, Hin Muang and Ko Ha.

During these tours, divers live in safariin cabins. Ships are notable for comfort, the presence of a different class of cabins, the number of participants, the duration of the safari and the price.
Specify the schedule, route, price and book a dive safari by Viber / WhatsApp / Line / Telegram:
+66 85 343 4944 or by mail:

Technical diving in PhuketTechnical diving in Phuket

Technical diving in Phuket
Phi Phi Islands, the southernmost point of the island of Racha Noi with the South Tip dive site up to 70 meters are good places for difficult technical dives.
Own speedboat will allow you to get to the places of interest 3 times faster than other ships.
With the DIVERSAINT dive center, you can not only take technical dives (of course, with the appropriate certificate, experience and equipment), but also take preparatory, cave and technical diving courses.
On the mainland of Thailand there are many lakes with caves.

Popular among techno-divers are flooded ships – wrecks. In the vicinity of Phuket there are quite a lot of sunken objects at depths of more than 45 meters, which is below the permissible work in the air. Such diving requires special training and special breathing mixtures.

Phuket Dive Center Dieversaint Phuket Dive Center Dieversaint

There is a relatively uncomplicated object, the King Cruiser ferry, which sank in 1997 after colliding with a reef. The ferry lies at a depth of 30-33 meters, so the complexity is not so much the depth as the disrepair of the ship itself. It rusts and collapse of structures is possible at any time. Over time, King Cruiser turned into a beautiful artificial reef.

With early booking you can get discounts on daily diving (daily exits to the sea), snorkeling (snorkeling and snorkeling), as well as diving safaris in the North and South direction of Thailand.

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