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How to attract a child to diving

Do you adore diving, diving is your passion? But it is much more interesting if your relatives share your passion. Pull out the child from behind the computer and open for him the underwater world.
Work – home – work, weekends, which are so lacking in everything and everyone … And then there is also the outlet, holiday, diving – diving. And the children who always lack attention? So there was a thought – to teach them to dive with them. The decision is made – I will teach, I will give to the dive center, and there – they will teach.

But let’s think – he needs it? It is interesting to him, or we, as always, will impose our opinion on the child: “Go, it’s interesting, you need …”? Let’s think and try to understand the steps – what, how and in what form we should explain to the child.

Probably the first thing to start with is to show parental photos and videos, of course, with comments, maybe even a few different films about your dives. To know his opinion is not immediately, but perhaps every other day, since the child’s psychology is being formed, and the opinion on the received emotions and impressions takes more than one hour. Let him live with these impressions and form his opinion.

Hooray! He liked it, hooked! “I want to!” We go to the pool, preferably to the one where divers train. Let him stand next to them and see how the equipment is collected, put on and take a step into the water, let him touch EVERYTHING. Divers do not bite, ask – and you will not refuse. In the end, you probably have your kit at home.

Then – mask, snorkel, flippers – and forward, to the track, observe and spit water in different directions from the tube. If someone waves him from under the water – believe me, there will be emotions! … And together you make a decision – “I want to study.” During the whole process, try not to make a serious person and tell that you are a Texas Ranger, try, on the contrary, to explain how simple it is. Well, you have achieved your goal – your child himself made this decision.

Now you are together. But all of you probably understand that children are all different – physical training, psychological preparation, outlook … Perhaps not every one of them is ready to be like dad or mom in this quivering age. Do not be discouraged if you and he for some reason realized that diving is still too early. The most important thing is to explain to the child that if it did not work out, then it is not terrible, then we will try again. And remember – children need to explain and tell more than adults.

Well, if everything went – hurray, you are together. And your weekend (vacation) you will spend in the family circle under water.

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