Diving in Thailand
Diving in Thailand is one of the most popular entertainment. In the east of the Gulf of Siam, you can dive all year round, but the best visibility there is…

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Diving in Seychelles
The large islands of the archipelago and the seabed surrounding them are mostly composed of granite rocks, while the smaller ones are usually coral. From here - the unique underwater…

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Diving in Kenya
Perhaps the main advantage of diving in Kenya is the opportunity to combine diving with a magnificent land safari, deep-sea fishing and a luxurious beach holiday. It is best to…

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Briefly about the most popular destinations for diving safari

Briefly – only because of each direction … so what’s there – even about each safari, you can write a separate article. Nevertheless, I will try to make a small educational program and help you figure out exactly where to start.

Features: on the dive safari in Egypt did not go unless the most lazy divers. Judge for yourself: low cost, short flight, stunning beauty of the underwater world, and, moreover, it is believed that the most comfortable diving ships live in the Red Sea. As a rule, the food is reserved for equipment and a convenient platform for diving and swimming, and the mess room is the mess room and the shaded part of the upper deck. Dives are carried out either directly from a convenient dive deck, or from an additional motor boat, the zodiac.

When booking diving safaris in Egypt, pay attention to the size of park fees. The amount can reach 100 USD and vary depending on the vessel and operator.

Routes: the classic northern routes with access from Sharm el-Sheikh fit in from three days and are not so much interested in nature reserves, as sunken ships. Southern routes with access from Hurghada are perfect for both experienced and novice divers, because they represent an excellent combination of colorful reefs and marine reserves, but here you can dive into the notorious sunken Salem Express ferry. But the real “pearl” of Egyptian safaris are trips to the far, or deep, south of the Red Sea. Experienced divers there are waiting for the island reserved Brothers, Rocky, Zabargad and St. Johns reef, beckoning with their untouched underwater world. On these routes, ships can go both from Hurghada, and from Mars-Alam and Port Ghalib.

Features: here are a few other shipbuilding traditions. Rear deck – technical, most often not intended for recreation. But there is an organized space on the nose, with a semicircular sofa in the shade and a coffee table where you can spend your evenings watching views and magnificent sunsets. The “highlight” of the Maldives safaris is fishing and unchanged night barbecue on an uninhabited island decorated in the spirit of the “last hero.” Dives are carried out from the accompanying boat – “Doni”, where both equipment and noisy compressors for filling cylinders are stored, and a small auxiliary boat – “dingy” is going behind the vessel “on a leash”.

Routes: the classic and very popular route takes, on average, a week and covers the atolls of the North and South Male and Ari Atolls, and more experienced routes can be offered to sophisticated divers – right up to the intersection of the equator. The indispensable goal of the Maldivian safari is to see the whale shark, not counting meetings with gracefully floating mantas and flocks of hammerhead sharks. By the way, both are harmless to humans.

Features: Thailand dive safaris provide access to the underwater treasures of the Similan Islands, inaccessible when diving from the shore. The most popular among Russian divers ships, perhaps outwardly look not very presentable, and, perhaps, do not have a special luxury of decoration, but, nevertheless, they have everything that is necessary for a comfortable rest. Some yachts come here for the season from Indonesia.

Routes: short routes are popular here – a two-day trip to the most interesting dive sites south of Phuket is combined with a four-day cruise to the islands, and you can start from any part of the safari – in the interval between them the ship returns to the port. Sophisticated divers can offer a longer safari to the shores of Burma.

Features: the real “highlight” of the Indonesian safari – the ships in the national style of “Pinins”, the real sailboats of pirates of the 19th century. With all its coloring, these are motorized vessels equipped with the latest technology. When the weather permits, the crew sets sail and demonstrates control techniques used by old sailors. The very atmosphere of such a ship, blue or black sails in the unique landscapes of the wild corners of Indonesia, add a special romance to the journey.

In Indonesia, there are both ships specifically designed for diving, and just a cruise ship with the possibility to dive. Specify the desired type of yacht, depending on the preferences of the rest.

Routes: local dive safaris are very special. These are full-fledged sea cruises, interesting not only to divers, but also simply to fans of sea air. Travelers will enjoy excellent snorkeling, a trip to visit Komodo dragons in a national park, local villages, cultural events and luxurious beaches. The most popular route Bali – Komodo – Bali takes, on average, a week, and more experienced divers can recommend a safari near the island of Sulawesi or travel to West Irian – the shores of Papua – New Guinea.

Features: to recommend diving safaris in Cuba can only truly enthusiastic divers. Unfortunately, at a very high cost of accommodation.

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