What should I look for when choosing a vessel?
Given that no one assigns ships of the official category, every ship owner tries to convince you that it is his boat - 5 * Deluxe, no less. Right on…

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Diving geography
Check the tightness of wetsuits and stocks nitromixes in cylinders! We continue our deep sea dive with charming Veronica Birman. You can dive almost everywhere: from the Norwegian fjords to…

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Top Sipadan Dive Sites
Before any, even the most short-term journey, it is useful to check your geographical knowledge. For example, to find on a world map that hangs in every decent Russian office,…

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In Indonesia, you can perfectly combine a beach holiday with the study of colorful coral reefs – and divers, and lovers of “maskoplavaniya.” For example, a beach holiday and a rich excursion program of the island of Bali are perfectly combined with a week-long cruise to Komodo Island – with visits to many marine parks, national villages and, of course, Komodo dragons. Romantic motor-sailing yachts allow you to fill your vacation with amazing new emotions and get acquainted with different islands without a single internal flight.

Another great option is to combine Bali with Wakatobi resort, which is 2.5 hours from the island. You can stay in Wakatobi in the hotel of the same name or on the yacht Pelagian: the colorful reefs of this remote corner of the country have no equal on the planet. And the resort’s own flights and VIP escorts at Bali’s airport make it easy and enjoyable to start your journey.

Another popular “Indonesian combination” is Singapore and the Manado resort. A direct flight will take 3 hours and 40 minutes and will provide travelers with access to the nature of the north of Sulawesi, the Bunaken Marine Park and the Lembeh Bay, which is world-famous thanks to unimaginable life forms and even underwater volcanoes. You can accommodate both in diving hotels and on yachts, allowing you to see all the major underwater attractions of the region during the week. The most difficult tours are to the underwater treasures of the province of West Papua: small local airlines don’t change or cancel flights, so docking of such flights requires not only extreme attention, but also skills. True, diving in this wild corner of the country is worth it.

This country represents, among other things, excellent opportunities for family holidays. Excursions in Hanoi with a cruise around Halong Bay, a visit to Ho Chi Minh City, a visit to the monuments of Hoi An and Hue can be combined with a beach holiday and diving at Nyachang, Whale Island. Those interested can go to Cambodia for a few days and see the famous temples of Angkor – the flight from Hanoi to Siem Reap will take a little less than two hours. However, it should be borne in mind that diving in Vietnam is still for novice divers, so the impressions of the excursion program may turn out to be brighter than from the underwater world.

Galapagos Islands
Galapagos Dive Safaris are combined tours by themselves. Dives are combined with the study of the unique flora and fauna of the islands: there is always a guide-naturalist in the crew who will tell about the habits of animals and birds, the features of their interaction.

It should be borne in mind that in 2009 only five yachts were licensed to dive and, as a result, the opportunity to dive off the protected islands of Wolf and Darwin, where you can see whale and hammerhead sharks. Ordinary cruise yachts are not allowed to organize diving: it will be additionally provided by local diving centers and is possible only on the central islands.

International flights usually fly to Guayaquil or Quito. The colonial part of Quito is recognized by UNESCO as part of world cultural heritage, and if you stay in Quito for a few days, you can visit many attractions around the city: active volcanoes, picturesque waterfalls, therapeutic thermal pools. A visit to the equator line will certainly be memorable. You can also combine diving in Gapagos with an excursion program in Peru around the Sacred Valley of the Incas, the city of Machu Picchu and other cultural treasures of Cusco: the flight from Quito or Guayaquil takes only a couple of hours to Lima and another hour to Cusco.

Costa Rica
Despite the opportunities of daily diving on the Atlantic coast of Costa Rica, the main “chip” of scuba diving in this country are diving safari to Cocos Island. The days off after a week or ten-day safari should be devoted to exploring the natural wonders of Costa Rica: 18% of the country’s reserves are nature reserves, and only in Costa Rica can you touch the secrets of nature in the entourage of the Jurassic Park. Travelers are waited by magnificent panoramas, coffee plantations, “lunar” landscapes of the Irazu volcano, eruptions of the Arenal volcano, bathing in the healing thermal springs of Tabakon, the mysterious “cloudy” forest of the Poas volcano. And also – numerous national parks, where you can walk over the jungle on a suspension bridge in the canopy of trees, get acquainted (from a safe distance) with four-meter crocodiles, butterflies, tiny hummingbirds and charming capuchin monkeys.

On an excursion program in Costa Rica, it is desirable to devote about five days, and domestic flights will not be required.

Diving safaris on the Great Barrier Reef start from Cairns, and can be combined with trips to any of the natural and cultural attractions of Australia. In the vicinity of Cairns itself, you can visit the Kuranda Aboriginal Settlement, the Koala & Wildlife Park Animal Park (by traveling on a restored 19th century train), fly in a balloon or take a jeep ride among the mangroves and picturesque waterfalls.

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