Simple solutions
To plunge into the underwater world with your head, of course, you must undergo at least a minimum course. But getting an idea of ​​what it is can be much…

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First steps in diving: it is useful to know
The fact that many thousands of fanatics of scuba diving are ready to confirm: diving is the most “perching” type of active recreation. People who made the first few dives…

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Micronesia - a must-see place for any self-respecting diver
Micronesia is a must-see place for any self-respecting diver. This is exactly the case when it is not impossible to do without a combined tour, but, in general, it is…

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Micronesia – a must-see place for any self-respecting diver

Micronesia is a must-see place for any self-respecting diver. This is exactly the case when it is not impossible to do without a combined tour, but, in general, it is inexpedient. To get to Yap, the island of Skat-mantas, without opening a US transit visa, is possible only through Palau. And in Palau, in turn, the most convenient way to get just through the Philippines. In these programs, special attention should be paid to flight connections – the flights to Yap take off only a couple of times a week, Manila – Koror (Palau) flights are also not daily. In Yapa, divers expect a memorable day-diving in the water so clear that at times it is almost invisible, and in Palau you can go on a diving safari or enjoy a beach holiday with diving trips, kayaking and a must-see at the unique “jellyfish lake”. Be prepared for a fairly high cost of hotels! True, the local rich underwater world, of course, compensates for it.

Thailand is another country where diving safaris and land program are amazingly combined. Phuket will most likely be our starting point: the most popular safaris start from here: short, 4 days, trips to the Similan Islands and two-day rides to dive sites south of Phuket. In addition, a beach vacation on the most popular beaches of Phuket, Phi Phi or Krabi simply suggests itself! More sophisticated holidaymakers and divers can be offered to saturate the program with excursions in Bangkok and in the north of Thailand or deeper diving safaris to the shores of Burma (Mergui archipelago) or India (Andaman islands). The starting point in any case will be Phuket.

A combination favorite by divers, which has already become a completely “classic” tour: a week-long diving safari in the Maldives and 3-4 nights in a hotel of choice. After all, safari allows you to cover the most interesting and diverse dive sites, to see the Maldives in all its glory. By the way, this is why the mini-cruise in the Maldives is a great choice for all classes of travelers, including snorkeling and just relaxing on the beach. The ocean surface glittering in the sun, emerald atolls passing by, surrounded by dazzling white beaches, sea breeze, breathtaking sunsets, dizzy dome of the unprecedented-starry night sky, cozy life and opportunities for entertainment on a modern yacht – to say, unforgettable impressions for travelers are guaranteed . It is important that for the price of this holiday is comparable to the usual beach holiday in the hotel.

If you are ready for a full-scale two-week adventure, then the combination of a rich excursion program in Sri Lanka with a week-long diving safari and a beach holiday in a hotel in the Maldives will be a delightful combination. Only 4 nights in Sri Lanka will allow you to combine jeep safaris in national parks, including watching leopards, elephants and other representatives of exotic nature, with a trip to the cultural, historical and religious attractions of the island, leaving the most vivid impressions about the rest. Add to this the cruise week “around the Maldives” and even 3 nights of rest on the beach of a local hotel …

In order to get the best vacation route in the Maldives, it is better to choose resorts closer to Male, which do not require lengthy additional transfers. Some islands, such as Paradise Island, Club Faru and some other yachts can deliver tourists immediately, without first calling at Male.

In the Seychelles, diving safaris are not yet very common: renting a catamaran with diving equipment is very expensive. But even without cruises, the Seychelles offers rich possibilities for combining islands: you can combine land and underwater reserves from different groups of islands. For a good diving, it is better to get away from Mahe, the main thing is to make sure in advance that there is a diving center on the chosen island.

Egypt is fraught with so rich opportunities for the excursion program that it would be almost a crime not to use them. National airlines offer quite attractive fares for flights to Cairo and any Egyptian cities, from where you can begin an unforgettable journey around Cairo, Luxor, Alexandria or a cruise on the Nile. A sated historical sites – it’s time to start a diving safari. A little planning, and the two most important treasures of the country – its historical heritage and the beauty of the Red Sea – will be covered in one trip.

This direction is becoming more and more popular with Russian tourists every year. Safaris on the local national parks in search of the “big five” can be combined with the study of the underwater world of the islands of Pemba and Mafia. The country is full of reserves and offers a lot of really “unfamiliar” places to relax and observe nature – both on the surface and under water.