Diving in mozambique
In Mozambique, fascinating diving - and that says it all. Here you can swim with dolphins, whales and sharks, see barracuda and marlin, as well as hundreds of species of…

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Diving - the best combined programs
The basic set of flights, hotel accommodation, insurance, transfers and dive package - the lot of weekly tours to Egypt. Driving away implies a great duration and a wealth of…

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Micronesia - a must-see place for any self-respecting diver
Micronesia is a must-see place for any self-respecting diver. This is exactly the case when it is not impossible to do without a combined tour, but, in general, it is…

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Dive tourism – brief educational program

Why book a diving at the agency – if, it would seem, you can just come to the diving center nearest to the hotel and dive there? The answer is very simple.

Firstly, with such an unpretentious selection of a diving center “on the spot”, there is a high risk of being in a club with low quality standards, low qualification of instructors, carelessly selected groups, poor organization, old, irregularly maintained equipment and so on. But this is not just a negative impact on the quality and enjoyment of diving, but also jeopardizes their safety! Tour operators, as a rule, work with reliable and well-established diving centers that really care about high-quality and safe leisure of tourists.

Secondly, the tourist will not have to look for the diving center himself and negotiate everything on his own, especially since in high season a good center may be “on foot” and, even if you find more space in it, there is a great chance to get not the most “fresh” “And not the most suitable suit. If the client has taken care of his diving in advance, then at the agreed day and time he will already be waited at the reception of the hotel, and in the diving center a suitable set of equipment will be prepared for him.

Thirdly, the tourist will have the opportunity to plan his diving in advance, and he will not need to spend time on uninteresting dive sites (dive sites).

Well, fourthly, when booking in advance, you can request a Russian-speaking instructor or a diving guide that finally removes the language barrier.

It is important to note that the prices of diving with its advance booking at the agency will not be higher than the prices offered by the diving center on the spot.

Combined tours are perfect for divers of any qualification and groups of any composition. For example, a week of beach holiday in Varadero and a week of “dive safari” in the Queen’s Gardens. It turns out, “and the wolves are fed” – excellent diving came out, and “the sheep are safe” – the tourists looked at the country.
It is convenient to arrange both medical and dive insurance at the same time. Then the tourist will have one international telephone for any occasion, and the insurance company will be ready to help in any situation. That is, not only will he pay for the doctor’s work on removing the sea urchin’s needles from the victim’s heels, but also, if necessary, transport and rehabilitate the victim in the nearest pressure chamber, which may be many kilometers away from the dive site.

Moreover, when you make a dive insurance on communication, there will be a qualified barophysiologist who can give the right advice on first aid. For example, an indisposition can be caused by both unsuccessful lunch and unsuccessful immersion. So that the tourist would not have wondered where to call him, and the insurance did not understand whose problems it is, it is worth issuing a single insurance. Moreover, the difference in price between a separate dive insurance and “two in one” insurance will be only five dollars.

And if the tourist is not a diver yet?
It would be a desire, and the rest will follow. First of all, the future submariner needs to decide on the training system (we gave a brief overview of the most famous systems in Russia in the previous article). Of course, you can spend a day or two on the Internet, familiarize yourself with the features of each of them, but, as a win-win, PADI is the most popular and currently popular system. Over 70% of divers in the US and 55% of divers around the world are trained and certified by PADI.

If you do not have very good eyesight, you should purchase a mask with diopters in any specialized store. This pleasure has long ceased to be a luxury, and will cost around 100 USD.

The first training course in PADI is called Open Water Diver (“open water diver”). For many others, the initial stage sounds the same, and only in European CMAS it is called “one star”.

In order to get the coveted certificate, a novice scuba diver will have to listen to four theoretical lectures, four or five lessons to practice in the pool and be sure to take four practical lessons on “open water”. Only such a system guarantees the quality of training, which means peace and confidence of a beginner in his abilities during the first dives.

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