Diving Safari in the Philippines
The Philippines are located on the territory of the so-called coral triangle - one of the most biologically diverse areas on our planet. It is impossible to come to the…

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Simple solutions
To plunge into the underwater world with your head, of course, you must undergo at least a minimum course. But getting an idea of ​​what it is can be much…

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Diving in cuba
Cuba is one of the best diving spots in the Caribbean. First, the territory of the former Spanish colony consists of many small islands and coral reefs, which are concentrated…

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Diving at Sale

On the island of Sal, the rocky terrain looks the same as it did millions of years ago: massive rocks, grottoes, canyons, caves and reefs, which perfectly complement the beauty of coral “landscapes”. In numerous caves and grottoes one can see eels, lobsters and parrot fish. There is no Egyptian beauty and abundance on Cape Verde, but large specimens and predatory fish are much more common here. Not a rare meter long sea snipe (flutoryl), sea turtle up to one meter in diameter, three-meter slope, ball fish, flocks of dolphins. Near the island there are three wrecks at depths from 9 to 12 m. Continue reading

How to attract a child to diving

Do you adore diving, diving is your passion? But it is much more interesting if your relatives share your passion. Pull out the child from behind the computer and open for him the underwater world.
Work – home – work, weekends, which are so lacking in everything and everyone … And then there is also the outlet, holiday, diving – diving. And the children who always lack attention? So there was a thought – to teach them to dive with them. The decision is made – I will teach, I will give to the dive center, and there – they will teach. Continue reading

Rules for safe diving in caves

According to experts, only one percent of divers, diving outside open water, has the knowledge, skills and assessment of safe diving in caves.
According to experts, only one percent of divers, diving outside open water, has the knowledge, skills and assessment of safe diving in caves. Perhaps this is the reason for the relatively high number of accidents that occur during immersion in underground spaces. If you are interested in this topic – read the article, probably the instructions of an experienced diver John Richards will be useful to you. Continue reading

Diving in Australia: where to dive

Australia is recognized as one of the best diving sites in the world, so the “diving industry” is here on a grand scale. Divers can go on a day cruise with a dive, or in a multi-day “dive safari” with accommodation and meals on the ship and a huge selection of day and night dives. Another option: rest with diving on coral islands. In addition, in the country you can get training for a certificate. Continue reading

Diving in the lakes of Austria

Diving tours to Austria. Photos, videos, reviews. Prices for diving, local schools, diving centers and clubs, interesting dive sites in Austria.
The brightest property of fitness tourism is to open, it would seem, long-familiar directions from a new unexpected side. In Austria, it works one hundred percent. Here you can not only explore the mountain slopes, be impressed by the architecture and visit museums with the treasures of Western European art. Avtsriya is also a suitable place where you can swim with scuba, get an adrenaline rush and get in shape after local strudel and marzipan sweets. Continue reading

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Diving in Tunisia
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