Diving safari
Diving safari is a sea cruise on a comfortable yacht with a rich diving program, which most clearly reveals the underwater world of this area of ​​the sea. The vessel…

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Diving in the caves
Speluring in the professional environment is considered one of the most difficult options for scuba diving, requiring very serious experience and training. Complex underwater caves - with cold water, unpredictable…

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Diving in Tunisia
Immerse yourself in the cool waters of the Mediterranean in the immediate vicinity of the once destroyed Carthage, admire the beauty of North Africa's largest coral reef, walk, or rather,…

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reefs appearing in various

“Team building and games”

Underwater space and scuba give a person a rare “third degree of freedom” – the ability to easily move in any direction. This opens up new opportunities for a variety of activities and entertainment.

For example, without any preparation, in any country of the world under water one can wonderfully build human pyramids of 4-5 “floors” or invent acrobatic stunts that any circus would envy. Continue reading