Diving in Sri Lanka
Diving in Sri Lanka is always accompanied by a comfortable water temperature (+26 ... + 31 ° C), good visibility (about 30 m) and a wide variety of sites with…

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The best diving directions of the summer season
In his previous articles, which have already gathered - wow! - as many as five, I told you about what diving tourism is and who such divers are. Ahead -…

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Diving - the best combined programs
The basic set of flights, hotel accommodation, insurance, transfers and dive package - the lot of weekly tours to Egypt. Driving away implies a great duration and a wealth of…

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abundance of fish

The best dive sites in winter

In the last issue, we introduced you to the “summer range” of the most interesting diving destinations. Now it’s winter season, which means it’s time to stock up with practical knowledge. So, in what warm seas does a diver “wet the gills” in winter?

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He flew away, did not promise to return

Another pile of cobblestones hidden under water often awaits the diver and his agent in the language barrier. Unfortunately, there were cases when a diving course booked in advance remained unclaimed, and, despite all sorts of pantomimes of foreign instructors and a choice of 5-6 European languages ​​of varying degrees of “flapping”, tourists returned home with nothing. We have already written that in the absence of a Russian-speaking instructor at the resort, it is recommended to start a course in your hometown: it is much easier to learn the theory in your native language, and the first practical exercises in the pool will help the diver navigate international terminology and find a common language with a foreign instructor. Continue reading


Which of the divers does not know this cherished “mantra”: “Sipadan, Mabul, Kapalai” ?! This is the Mecca of diving tourism since the days of Cousteau! True, the popularity of the resort makes the hotels keep a fairly high cost of accommodation. Scuba divers there are waiting for the meeting with the famous turtles and their offspring, a silver whirlwind of barracudas and hundreds of unprecedented fish of all colors and shapes. Sipadan Island itself has been declared fully protected since January 2005, and living on it is prohibited. Continue reading

Diving in the caves
Speluring in the professional environment is considered one of the most difficult options for scuba diving, requiring very serious experience and training. Complex underwater caves - with cold water, unpredictable…


Palau and Yap
A great direction to combine with the Philippine Islands! The time from November to May is the best to visit these places. The incredible visibility, the beauty of the pristine…